VIVE… Love At First Sip!


That moment when it all clicked! It was love at first sip!



Heard this before? Surely not, since this is like nothing you’ve ever had unless you’ve tried VIVE!  It all started when my 13-year-old Type 1 Diabetic athlete was at swim team practice. Luke was having to stop during a set, get out, test his blood sugar and routinely eat something with carbs to bring  his sugar levels up. His sugar would drop overtime to way below what is considered normal. This would not only interrupt his swim time and training but it was becoming aggravating to have to stop, get out, then sit out for 15 minutes, then resume as long as his sugars regulated. We were talking to our UltraMan Triathlete friend and mentor Chris Clark who is also a Type 1 Diabetic, and he was sharing with us how VIVE changed his life! He said it has been the near perfect nutrition for him as he trains long hours and often hard sessions, and because of the natural ingredients and all NON GMO, Gluten Free, organic properties with low sugar. This got my attention and if this doesn’t than wait til you hear this.

The founder of VIVE is a nutritionist, and was previously a Type 2 Diabetic! He was on a mission to not only find better nutrition supplements for himself, and get healthy, but his wife was having some medical issues that doctors were having problems solving. On top of that, Wallace was a very large man with a large amount of weight to lose. After several years of research, trial and errors, Wallace and his crew designed VIVE!  Click on this link: VIVE to read more about the product.

I am here to simply share in what we’ve discovered all on our own. I am the BIGGEST skeptic! Seriously, I don’t jump on bandwagon’s because everyone else is nor do I trust what I am given in literature. I need to test it myself, and see for myself. In this instance I was very guarded, naturally, but what was at stake was bigger than I could solve. Luke needed something that was going to taste good to him, and something that he could take before and after his long swim training sessions or triathlon & running sessions. I was willing to try pretty much anything! Yes we’ve tried all the products on specialty store shelves, but the end result was not that it was bad, but that Luke didn’t care for the taste or the texture.

And after just one sip, Luke was SOLD! His exact words were

“Wow, tastes just like a chocolate shake, kind of like a Wendy’s Frosty!”  

That was all this momma needed to hear. My heart was full, and I knew we had found something that would work for him. Of course hearing this, Luke’s two brothers wanted to try, so a round of shakes it was! Luke’s youngest brother, Jack, loves the Vanilla Whey Protein mixed with either a fresh banana or strawberries.


He asks for it daily as his breakfast. Keeping three athletic teenage boys bellies full is no easy task. They are truly eating me out of house and home! What I’ve noticed is after each one has a shake for breakfast, their hunger for more food is lessened, and they are full longer! This mom lives at the wholesale food stores like Costco, and BJ’s as I have to buy in bulk weekly to keep them satisfied. Boys + Teenagers + Athletes…. you do the math!

When you’re traveling for swim meets out of the area, and traveling for triathlon races across the U.S., it sure is nice to know we can travel with our food and it won’t spoil! Just this past weekend, Luke and Jack both had a swim meet that was out of our area, so a hotel stay for two nights was in order. Waking up before the chickens and grabbing a fast breakfast was super easy and the most convenient breakfast we’ve ever had! A quick stop in the hotel lobby for a container of milk, that we added to our blender bottle and powder, and off we went!

Luke just before we left our hotel for a big swim meet. Breakfast in hand and ready to roll.


No one has paid me for my blog post. No I’m not selling the product, nor have I been asked to share this with anyone. I truly love this product, and how it has been an ultimate game changer for our family therefore simply wanted to share it with everyone.  From the biggest skeptic around, I truly can say VIVE  has revolutionized our lives! I am going back into Ironman training for another big race this year, and I will be using VIVE as my base layer nutrition.

Click here to read more about VIVE and “Like” them on Facebook. 

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